Windsurfing- The Dolphin in the Sea

Human race wants to fly in the open sky like an eagle or swim in the ocean like a dolphin to nurture his adventurism and to find oneness with nature and with one’s inner self.  When you depart from humdrum of modern society and seek solace in mountains and sea or get involved in extreme physical body maneuvering sports like surfing games you get connected with nature and with your Zen. Like a spiritual guru, you need a good teacher who teaches you about the wind, sea, how to stand and hold properly and to sail.

Let`s Begin

Windsurfing is a form of surfing games which include surfing and sailing on water bodies be it ocean or river. The board where you stand is made of poly, fiberglass or epoxy is generally 6ft 7 to 8ft2inch long and displacement capacity between 45 to 150 liters. When you initiate, it is better to do with a large and stable board with a lot of buoyancy than the smaller one. Sails are generally made of Dacron, Mylar, and mono film. In the beginner’s phase, smaller sails are best as it is easy to handle than the larger one. The rig consists of sail, boom, and mast connected to the board through a free-rotating universal joint.

Lessons of Life

Trying to control and balance the board at the first stage is like a toddler learning to walk. A number of times you will fall down in deep or shallow water then again you have to stand up to ride on the board, testing your patience and persistence. Maneuvering the board is difficult with stale or strong wind or with strong and weak waves.  It is like a life path when you try to find the purpose and goal of your life many times you fall then stand up again to begin the journey.

Awesome experience

Windsurfing is a great exercise that increases your strength, cardiovascular activity, endurance and imparts some important lessons of life. When you start on a big board in calm water and steady wind, you learn your lessons quickly. You lose your weight quickly and get toned muscles as falling and riding on the board in successive intervals. In the learning process, you improve your reflex and grasp complex maneuvering techniques which give the joy of sailing and surfing in the ocean. This sport is entirely eco-friendly as it produces no noise no fuel no harm to the environment. It is a never-ending journey where you learn new tricks or master the old ones.