Sail Drumming

Cruise drumming can be a very special and entertaining gig to own. I worked well for Noble Caribbean Cruise trips from Summer 2001 : Jan 2003; doing above 800 displays and working together with over several Grammy Merit winners.

Having the Gig

I auditioned with an agency that stumbled on Berklee. The audition contained playing any medium pace jazz groove, any ballad w/brushes, samba, bossa nova, rhumba, and playing alongside to huge band chart w/music less drums plus a click observe. The importance was about good moment keeping and also chart studying.

I later learned that I may have auditioned immediately for Noble Caribbean as opposed to going via an agency in which wanted 12% regarding my pay out. See the data in the bottom for direct experience of a sail musician expert.


I has been assigned for the Voyager with the Seas; RCCL’s flagship during the time. I achieved the dispatch in Arkansas FL. about it’s homeport evening. That’s the particular day/port the previous travellers leave as well as the new your begin their particular trip. I delivered a suitcase packed with summer clothes plus a Tux, my own stick carrier, and cymbal circumstance. The initial sight with the ship has been amazing. It absolutely was Huge! If an individual put the particular Voyager about it’s side it will be as tall because the Empire Express Building.

Right after getting about, signing inside, and acquiring my cabinet, I suggest room, I started out looking from the music fond of me for your week in advance. Tony, the particular music movie director, gave myself books regarding music for your Welcome On, Farewell displays, two inventory shows, and also over 3 hundred pages regarding Big Group charts…. strong breath.

Evening 1: The particular Welcome On show.

It’s really a short present with snippets regarding entertainment being seen through the entire cruise. Because the new drummer I needed to swiftly learn the particular music evaluate piece as well as the play-ons. The evaluate piece acquired parts from your stock demonstrates are enjoyed every cruise with all the on-board forged.

Play-ons are usually 5-10 second chapters of songs employed as a kind of theme audio to bring in someone on its way onto the particular stage. The horn chapters of I Want and Marketplace Boogie are usually two widely used examples.

The evaluate piece was not too difficult in terms of the drum portion went. The thing that was tricky has been quickly getting more comfortable with playing live with a click observe and refined horns, strings, and percussion in which augmented the particular already five piece group. It was an actual rush playing in the 1, 500 particular person theater using a million money sound and also light method for initially. Two displays a night time makes 3000 people per day. Don’t acquire stage fright! In situations that way, you only have to hang about and rely on yourself.

Evening 2: The initial big present.

On any weeklong cruise you can find usually a couple of music evaluate shows performed with all the cast. The particular shows are usually 50 moments of practically non-stop audio. The Friday show was a variety of R&B, Leading 40, and also Cirque du Soleil. I spent several hours that evening studying the particular charts while playing the Compact discs that A2z tony gave myself. Plus, I enjoyed a explain to you of the particular show through the cast’s wedding rehearsal.

The period crew areas the drums so, all I needed to carry out was offer myself sufficient time to modify the create, make positive my chart were to be able, and alter my headsets. Ready to look. We acquired our 1 minute cue and also……. click, simply click, click, simply click off we all go. See you in a hour! It’s rather a blast to be in the very hot seat and possess to completely focus for 50 right minutes. Initially you nail a complete show, I mean pretty much everything, it’s a great accomplishment!

Evening 3: My own First Superstar Act

A Superstar Act can be a guest performer. They think about it and rehearse with all the band for approximately 1 1/2 hours inside the afternoon for your show in which night. You rundown all the particular songs when, twice at the most. You are usually rehearsing to be sure the group is alongside the transitions and also tricky parts. If there was clearly something challenging, you better consider it on your own personal before present time.

Star Acts range between famous more mature groups just like the Drifters and also Bowzer (Sha Na Na) to be able to Sinatra impersonators, magicians, and also Broadway vocalists, among numerous others.

Sometimes an individual perform with a click but usually the track is mentioned off simply by either the particular music movie director or the particular artist. You merely had a quick rehearsal thus, it’s crucial that you have a single eye around the chart as well as the other around the artist in the event they want one to adjust the particular tempo slightly.

Side Account. On these seven days cruises, the Superstar Act can a Comes to an end show for starters cruise and a Thursday show for your next sail. Seeing that we arrived about Sunday, this performer had an alternative drummer previous Thursday. Apparently A2z tony had dismissed three drummers in the row once i got right now there. Being right away from school and only twenty a couple of, I really were required to prove me personally to A2z tony, the group, and the particular Act. Each night was different and it’s really own analyze.

Day some: Big Group

Alright. Simply no Star Work. No evaluate show to examine. I received off and went along to the seashore in Jamaica. This is incredible! Especially right after spending winter months in Celtics.

That night time we create for Huge Band in among the numerous lounges around the ship. Tony would certainly call out there tunes from your over 3 hundred numbered chart. They ranged coming from Take The particular “A” Educate to Love On the market. They’re almost all standards and also mostly the first arrangements. Effortless day.

Evening 5: The particular Hard A single

Thursday we all performed the next review show with the cruise. This place was largely musical movie theater. There were a lot of abrupt pace changes and also meter adjustments. High concentration is necessary. Again, I spent several hours reading and also listening and also I enjoyed the explain to you with the particular cast. I recently held on through the run by means of so, I did so some a lot more studying ahead of the show. It paid.

I didn’t bought it but I obtained through it pretty well and which is what that took regarding Tony as well as the band to be able to approve my residing in the group. The remaining portion of the cruise has been pretty easy from then on.

Friday has been another Superstar Act and also Saturday has been the Farewell show. Initial cruise accomplished.

After a few months you really learn to feel as you can examine anything put facing you along with your confidence increases. The evaluate shows grow to be second nature after a few years. It’s important in order to play together with energy and also concentration the initial and info times an individual play anything at all. Tony once said that the ultimate way to keep the concentration stage high is always to pretend that all show will be recorded. You desire to finish any show and also say “that’s any take”.

I try to accomplish this with almost everything I enjoy now. It’s exactly like the famous drummers which advise us all to “Play together with Purpose”.

Dispatch Life

A. K. yes the particular cabins are usually small nevertheless, you have satellite tv and any dorm dimensions fridge. But who wants to stay inside their room in any case? It’s a spot to slumber, shower, and also change. You must get out to see the planet.

I’ve been throughout the Caribbean, Canadian Far east Coast inside the Fall, and Upper Europe inside the Summer. I’ve spent weekly in Amsterdam, several overnights inside St. Petersburg, and had the best bars and also Cafe’s inside La Harve Italy, Stockholm Sweden, and Copenhagen Denmark and others. All with this was to get PAID, living without any rent, and most of my dishes provided at no cost on the particular ship easily chose.

The employees on ships have become unique. Of 1, 500 folks members, only 50 folks were U . s .! You can not beat the ability of living close to and studying people from all over the globe. You see rapidly that all of us are people. We all hold the same dreams irrespective of where we spent my youth. Priceless.