5 reasons why you should travel to “The Land Of Dracula” (Romania)

Romania is remarkable in a number of ways. It’s one of the most beautiful, untamed, wild places in Europe. It’s magical and is a “must do” in every respectable traveler’s agenda.

There are a number of reasons why you should, definitely, go to Romania too if you pass through Europe:

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Number 1.

The wild aspect of the Carpathian Mountains, left untouched by men and time, still keeps some Eden scent in it. The wilderness is simply amazing. A large number of opportunities await the traveler here.

 The Carpathian Mountain Range is the highest mountain range in Central Europe. The main objectives to visit here are the Apuseni Nature Park, nicknamed “cavers’ paradise” holds one of the most interesting cave fauna in Europe. Traces of the prehistoric man, Ice Age fossils, make these caves incredibly unique.

Another must-go is the Calimani National Park. This park features the biggest inactive caldera in Europe. The Calimani Park is host to the biggest volcanic massif in Romania: Pietrosu Peak. You also must see the unusual shaped 12 Apostles Stones, The Red Stone, Nefertiti, who are unusual rock formations.

But the biggest must regarding the Carpathians is the Sphinx, covered in legends and old stories about “the giants that built him”. For the Dacians, the people who lived on the Romanian lands before the Romans came, the Sphinx was the place where they would make sacrifices for their God, Zamolxis.

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Number 2.

Some people say that Transylvania sits on one of the Earth’s most powerful magnetic fields and that gives her people magic powers like vampirism and witchery.

One of the most well known facts about Romania is that Dracula’s Castle is here. This is the place where Vlad the Impaler once ruled.

The Bran Castle is where Dracula once stood and ruled over his people. It is one of the most iconic places for Romanians.

Number 3.

Vama Veche is the best place for young people.  The beach is very clean by Black Sea standards.   If you want to go ‘authentic, man!’ you can ask one of the   fisher boat crews whether you can go with them on their sail – be   prepared to buy them drinks, of course.

 There is a little dive base with OK equipment (no computers,   octopus poor, little free flow on valve) offering beach dives, which   are probably not worth the effort.

If you have your certification though, and are confident that you  can handle standard situations on your own, you can borrow equipment there, and go – together with the dive master – to theshipwreck which lies about 150m off shore from -10 to +5 meters. The lifesavers on duty will row you there.

The Stufstock “Save Vama Veche” rock music festival, [5], was first   organized in 2003 as a protest against urban development in and   mass tourism to Vama Veche. It’s held in August or September and features bands from Romania and abroad.

Walk to Bulgaria. It’s about 600 meters by feet, so it’s not that far   away.  It might be possible, but is not worthy to risk.You can make a fire on the sand. As other countries forbid it, it is  interesting activity to enjoy sea, wine and fire on the beach. It was asked for policemen if it is legal. Another tour is an all-inclusive week long bird watching tour to the nearby delta.